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About Us

The Campbell Consultants Group specializes in designing, planning and implementing local, national and international cultural exchange projects. We believe that cultural exchange is fundamentally the act of bringing together different communities to find common ground. Our group of national and international consultants have extensive hands on experience directing cultural organizations and advising projects that are successfully building bridges between very diverse communities.

After years of organizing and consulting not for profit art centers and philanthropic organizations involved with cultural exchange, Clayton Campbell (2002 Chevalier, France’s Order of Arts and Letters) has founded a new consultancy practice focusing on cultural exchange in all of its aspects. The Campbell Consultants Group is a consortium of colleagues who have in-depth expertise consulting for national and international cultural projects. The members of the Group are based in Los Angeles, New York, Charlotte, Phoenix, Paris, Berlin, Taiwan, Mexico City, United Arab Emirates, Beijing and Dakar. Their skill sets bring a substantial breadth of knowledge and practical application to each of our client’s projects. Together we work with our clients to support an expansive cultural ecology that is visionary, optimistic, and energized.


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What We Do

We work with each client to craft unique strategies that advance their cultural exchange goals. Our work, in partnership with our clients, includes –

  • ADAPTIVE THINKING- Helping build organizational capacity through adaptive thinking, innovative artistic vision and business planning
  • SEMINARS- Offering structured seminars to explore various innovative strategies for creative platforms that advance cultural exchange goals
  • CONFERENCE PLANNING-Planning and producing  conferences for progressive organizations and business who intersect with arts and culture
  • RESEARCH-Studying and recommending sustainable partnerships for local grass roots organizations
  • PROGRAM DESIGN-Designing diverse cultural exchange and visiting artist, scholars and arts professionals programs
  • CURATORIAL EXCHANGE-Planning and producing international arts exhibitions and events for biennials, art fairs, colleges, museums and arts centers
  • MARKETING- Designing communication and marketing systems to increase audience, fundraising ability, share ideas and link constituent communities
  • FUNDRAISING- Crafting funding proposals to acquire program support
  • EVALUATION AND DOCUMENTATION- Providing in depth evaluation, documentation and curatorial scholarship in all phases of our work
  • ADVOCACY- Creating the public context in which our clients can have a national and international impact

With our clients we devise innovative strategies for creative platforms through various knowledge sharing techniques. A creative platform is the infrastructure from which artists and creators develop ideas, and strategies to actualize their ideas. They come in all sizes and shapes, and we help build upon what our clients have achieved, what they are currently doing, and what they can become.

Exchange, dialogue and listening help us understand what practical tools our clients will need for the important and transformational cultural bridge building they have undertaken through their programming. Our clients include philanthropic foundations, governments, progressive businesses, not for profit art organizations, NGO’s, creative communities and community organizations.


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Our Focus

We share the belief that global connectedness makes cultural exchange the central arena where cooperation and understanding can and must take place in our world that is facing very serious challenges. Creative persons can instigate positive and long lasting change and growth. Campbell Consultants Group was founded to help those persons realize their goals.

We feel today’s challenges have to be met with courage. We help our clients examine change that brings clarity to their efforts. We help them see the opportunities before them and how to realize them with creativity; and how make those important decisions to grow with confidence.

We seek to provide adaptive thinking and innovation for organizations and programs involving artists and creators at every juncture of social interaction. We believe that an effective consultancy provides a resilient visioning process coupled with pragmatic implementation to identify methods that achieve sustainable, activated creative organizations.

We believe the advancement of civil society requires articulate critical analysis. The Campbell Consultants Group works for clients who want to be aware of current shifts linking politics, economics, culture, and how they impact  numerous creative professions.

We know that a client with heightened awareness requires flexible models of planning and action. Many institutions and creative organizations are realizing the need to develop strategies which make them a relevant participant in the important conversations occurring throughout society.

We explore with clients how to achieve goals and outcomes through shifts of emphasis in strategic thinking, cross sector partnerships, development of creative programming, establishing achievable financial goals, and committing to positive social engagement with their constituencies. Our consulting focus often results in proactive plans and models that address the many challenges, change, and opportunities for growth available to creative organizations and individuals.

We are committed and focused with our clients to find solutions for health issues, reduced education opportunities, systemic poverty, global financial instability, immigration reform and issues of diversity and equity, censorship of creativity and basic human rights, energy transitions, and climate change.  These concerns have become a whole cloth for  creative organizations of all kinds, part and parcel of their programmatic focus and local and international activities. We work with them through the prism of culture, believing that the true measure of a society is the robust health of its arts and sciences.

We are seeking to expand the definition of the arts to be more inclusive, diverse and synergistic. We support artists, creators and creative organizations who are at the center of crucial realignments in the evolution of global cultural ecosystems. The Campbell Consultants Group works hard so our clients may continue with their important work that matters and makes a difference.


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Our Group

The Campbell Consultants Group views cultural exchange with a wide lens, knowing it can be nation to nation, state to state, city to city, person to person. In our work we have developed international visiting artists programs who’ve worked with under served local communities; designed  unique reciprocal artist exchange programs; designed for foundations high profile fellowship awards ; originated comprehensive mapping of regional arts and culture resources throughout Asia; designed and built an urban “green” international village in Berlin; founded an award winning peer to peer arts program for inner city youth; offer advanced knowledge of marketing, fundraising, social networking and communications. Overall we focus on the development and implementation of national and international projects that combine the understandings and techniques of the arts, humanities and sciences and engage our clients in their efforts to effect social change.

Clayton Campbell
Los Angeles

Clayton Campbell, Los Angeles

Laurie Meadoff
New York City

Clayton Campbell, Los Angeles

Zandie Brockett
Beijing, China

Clayton Campbell, Los Angeles

Suzanne Fetscher
Charlotte, North Carolina

Clayton Campbell, Los Angeles

Rudolf Bruenger
Berlin, Germany

Clayton Campbell, Los Angeles

Christian Knudsen
Los Angeles


Clayton Campbell, Los Angeles

N’Gone Fall
Paris and Dakar

Ayeh Naraghi

Gordon Knox
Tempe, Arizona

Ayeh Naraghi

KC Bitterman
Tacoma, Washington

Ayeh Naraghi

Ayeh Naraghi
United Arab Emirates

Clayton Campbell, Los Angeles

Mark Steven Greenfield
Los Angeles

Clayton Campbell, Los Angeles

Adolfo V. Nodal
Los Angeles

Clayton Campbell, Los Angeles

Kate Johnson
Los Angeles

Clayton Campbell, Los Angeles

Michael Masucci
Los Angeles


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Our clients are organizations that have a strong sense of themselves, and the courage to acknowledge that to make change, they need additional support and outside consultation. Many of them want to develop cultural exchange projects and programs to be part of the collective effort to breakdown barriers and bring people together. To assist our clients, we offer a range of skills, services and programs. As a start up company, we have chosen to highlight examples of projects undertaken by each of our consultants with their previous clients to demonstrate the skills they bring to the Campbell Consulting Group.




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